hi.  my name is mike robinson. 

the main focus of this website is to post my music, so i hope this bio is not too distracting.

i've played guitar for many years but i never took a music lesson and i've never played with a band.  my musical interest is varied but mainly stays in the hard rock zone: late 60s to early 70s.

i am comfortable playing all over the place, not in one particular style.  some of my influences are:  link wray, mountain, jimi hendrix, neil young, t-rex, blue oyster cult, yes, jethro tull, pink floyd, cat stevens, uriah heep, captain beyond, donovan, bowie, and my bloody valentine, just to list a few.

since i’m a late bloomer, i decided to take a songwriting class in 2006.  what can you possibly learn in a six hour songwriting class?  well, it was enough to get me started.

most of my first singles will remain dormant because the songwriting, musicianship, and recording were all subpar.

for my music i wear many hats, writing the lyrics and music, playing all the instruments, and even doing the engineering and mixing.  most of my early recordings were recorded and mixed poorly, so i spent the last year re-recording, remixing, and even discarding many of them.  lesson learned.

more than half of my music is instrumental as i find instrumentals much more challenging because there are no lyrics or vocals to carry the song.

some songs are acoustic guitar and vocal, some are distorted electric, some clean electric, some shoegaze, some guitar jam, some just different, and some all of the above.

i currently reside in sacramento, california.